BLACK BAESIC CORDUROY – poop bag holder



The Black Baesic Corduroy collection has a beautiful and timeless black corduroy ribbed fabric! The collection is unisex and looks great with any coat color. Complete the look with the matching collar, leash and harness. By purchasing a set you save up to €15.

The Black Baesic corduroy poop bag holder with ribbed fabric is multifunctional and extremely handy!

  • Black timeless corduroy ribbed fabric
  • Multifunctional: for poop bags, but also useful for carrying sweets or keys, for example
  • Made of soft neoprene fabric
  • Musketon hook so you can attach the poop bag holder to our dog leashes
  • Zipper where you can store the poop bag roll
  • Opening where you can pull out the poop bags
  • Washable and easy to keep clean

Combine this black corduroy poop bag holder with the matching one harness , collar , and belt .

Also view the entire set from the Black Baesic corduroy collection. This will save you up to 15 euros!

Only use the poop bag holder for its intended purpose and check regularly for wear.