When you go for a walk with your dog, you must be able to put on a dog leash. It is important to choose a practical and animal-friendly method. In addition, your four-legged friend also has its own preference. Max & Woof has a large selection of cute dog leashes. In this category you will undoubtedly find an item that suits both you and your furry friend!

Find the best dog leashes, dog collars, leashes and dog harnesses in the Max & Woof webshop. We have a wide range of dog leashes. We sell suitable collars for adult dogs, but also especially for your puppy.

A good one dog leash (also called walking line) is very important. The leash must of course look nice and be able to take a beating! Our adjustable dog leashes are made of a comfortable and strong neoprene fabric. The dog leashes from Max & Woof have a perfect length of 150cm . In addition, they all have a D-ring at the handle. This ring is ideal for attaching our multifunction poop bag holder . Combine the leash with a suitable collar, harness and poop bag holder. Or match with other colors and prints as you like!

With a dog leash (or leash) and a collar you can take your dog or puppy with you on walks and your dog can lose his energy. Dog leashes and dog collars come in different shapes and sizes. They are available in canvas. This way you have different prints and you can buy a copy that you like and that fits your dog well. Also there are harnesses or harnesses that you can put on your dog. These distribute the pressure and are usually located around the chest and behind the legs. There are many collars and harnesses that have matching leashes, but of course almost any other leash can be chosen.