Dog harnesses

Looking for a good and cheerful dog harness for your dog? A nice dog harness: Nothing is nicer than walking with your dog. A dog harness is a harness that you use to walk your dog. At Max & Woof you will find nice dog harnesses with printing . Where a collar for dogs around the neck, fasten dog harnesses around your dog's chest. The use of dog harnesses has several advantages for your dog.

Dog harnesses are an alternative to a collar . The large benefit of wearing dog harnesses is that it distributes the pressure on the body. As a result, your dog will suffer less from a pressing / pulling feeling at the neck when wearing a dog harness. This relieves the neck, spine and joints. This is necessary in certain breeds and very energetic dogs. Wearing dog harnesses is also a lot for dogs that pull a lot on the leash more comfortable .

Anti pull harness

The adjustable dog harnesses from Max & Woof have two D-rings . One on the back and one on the chest side of the dog. The D-ring on the back can be used to attach the leash/lanyard. The D-ring on the chest side can also be used to attach the leash. This method turns the dog harness into an anti-pull harness and reduces therefore it pull on the line .

Some dogs pull a lot on the leash while walking. This is not only uncomfortable for their owners (pull on the arms and danger of falling), but also for the dog itself, as the collar can choke your dog, among other things.

A nice dog harness is therefore a good alternative for your dog. You place dog harnesses on your dog's neck and chest, so that the force is spread over different areas divided . This is how you protect your dog choking attacks and give it a pleasant freedom of movement. But not only your four-legged friend benefits from a dog harness, you too. By using a dog harness you can better control your dog. The Max & Woof dog harnesses are suitable for all sizes and types of dogs. Always consult our size chart to see which size fits your dog.

Adjustable dog harnesses

When you buy dog ​​harnesses, it is important that you have the right size chooses. That is why you should always measure your dog first when you buy a harness from us for the first time. For all dog harnesses, you measure the dog's neck and chest circumference. You measure the neck up and across the chest just in front of the front legs. You then select the size that comes closest to it. If you are in between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size. This also applies to all Max & Woof dog harnesses adjustable are. This way you can always adjust the dog harness exactly to your dog. Matching harnesses are available for all harnesses dog leashes or leashes to order. You can also choose to have a full set to buy, this saves you no less than 20 euros.

Look at here's our size chart for finding the perfect size for your dog's harness.

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