Poop bag dispenser for your dog

A poop bag dispenser is a great product to purchase, especially if you use dog poop bags. Fumbling or forgetting the poop bags is now a thing of the past! At Max & Woof you can order modern and trendy poop bag holders and poop bags online.

Every dog ​​owner comes into contact with poop bag holders and poop bags. Cleaning up is mandatory almost everywhere. Did you know that it is in many municipalities in the Netherlands obliged is to carry poop bags with you when you walk your dog? The fines can amount to almost €100 if you don't have poop bags with you. A good and beautiful poop bag holder is therefore a must. And how nice is it if your poop bag holder matches perfectly with your dog's collar, harness and leash?

Multifunctional and stylish

Max & Woof's poop bag holders all have a hook that you can easily use click to the D-rings attached to all our leashes! This way you never forget to take them with you and it also looks stylish. In addition, our poop bag holders are also available multifunctional . They can not only be used for a roll of poop bags, but dog treats or keys can also be stored in the holders!

How does a poop bag dispenser work?

If you have purchased a poop bag holder from Max & Woof, it is of course also nice to know how this product works. A poop bag dispenser works very simply. You unzip the holder at the top. This allows you to put a roll of poop bags in it.

In addition, the poop bag holders have a small hole at the front, through which you can remove the bags and tear them off the roll. You can compare this to the hole in a box of tissues.

So you put a roll in the holder, make sure that part of a bag sticks out at the front and then you can tear off poop bags when you need it. Couldn't be simpler!