Size Guide

The Black Baesic collection has a beautiful and timeless black corduroy fabric! The collection is unisex and looks great with any coat color, all year round. The set includes a harness, leash and poop bag holder. You save as much as €15 by purchasing a set.

The Black Baesic corduroy set contains a harness, leash and poop bag holder made of a beautiful black corduroy fabric. The items are resilient, comfortable and also adjustable for the perfect fit.

  • Timeless unisex black corduroy fabric
  • The harness has a breathable mesh on the inside
  • The sturdy belt is 150 cm long
  • The harness is adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Washable and easy to keep clean

Check out our size chart to find the perfect size for your dog. We recommend that you size up when you are near the end of a measurement.