This is Max & Woof's Cookie Statement. We explain how Cookies and similar techniques are used via the www.max-woof website.

We place Functional Cookies to ensure that this website functions properly and Analytical Cookies with which we can measure the use of the website.

If you have given permission for this, we also place Tracking Cookies. With these cookies we can make visiting and shopping at the Max & Woof website even easier and more personal for you, for example by making personal recommendations. In addition, we and third parties track your internet behavior within and possibly also outside our website. This allows us and third parties to adapt advertisements and other content to your interests and you can share information via social media.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device when you visit our Website. Cookies help us operate, analyze and personalize the website. In addition, we may use cookies for security purposes and to prevent and combat abuse and fraud of our services.

We use so-called first-party cookies (cookies placed by us) and third-party cookies (placed by third parties).

Max & Woof also uses techniques similar to cookies, such as web beacons and link tracking. Web beacons check whether you are seeing or have seen a particular web page or email. Link tracking adds certain elements to a URL so that we can recognize you when you click through to the Website from our emails. Hereinafter, cookies and similar technologies will be referred to collectively (“Cookies”).

We give you the choice to accept or refuse Cookies (with the exception of functional Cookies and analytical Cookies with minor consequences for your privacy). You can also adjust your web browser settings to refuse Cookies. As a result, our website may no longer function fully.

Types of cookies

Max & Woof uses the following types of Cookies:

  • Functional Cookies. These are Cookies that are necessary to provide the services you request, for example to remember what you have placed in the shopping cart, to ensure that you do not have to log in again and to load the Website evenly.
  • Analytical Cookies (first and third-party). These are, for example, Cookies that analyze and map the use of the Website, such as the number of visitors and the pages viewed, so that we can improve the quality and/or effectiveness of the Website. These Cookies have only a minor impact on your privacy. This category also includes affiliate cookies that keep track of which advertisement leads to the purchase of a specific product, so that the person who showed this advertisement (the affiliate) can receive a reward from the advertiser. The statistics and other reports cannot be traced back to individual persons.
  • Tracking Cookies (first and third party). These are Cookies that are used to record your surfing behavior, so that we (or third parties) can provide you with targeted offers and show content that is relevant to you. We do this not only via the Website, but also via advertisements that are displayed. If tracking cookies are not used, this does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements. In that case, the advertisements are no longer tailored to your personal preferences and interests.


When you visit our Website, we ask permission to use tracking cookies and social media plugins by showing you a clear message. You accept Cookies by clicking “accept all”.

Privacy Policy

The information collected or otherwise read through Cookies may contain personal data, such as your IP address. If this is the case, Max & Woof's Privacy Policy also applies to the processing of this personal data.


This Cookie Statement can be changed.

Last modified on 07/12/2021.

To ask?

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