Pied the Who?! – Pied de poule dog accessories

Looking for a stylish green pied de poule harness, collar or dog leash? The beautiful Pied the Who?! pied de poule collection from Max & Woof contains fun dog accessories with a trendy print. Your dog will certainly stand out among all the other dogs with this beautiful collection. Choose a harness, collar, leash and poop bag holder for a complete look. Save up to €15 with the purchase of a set.


Your dog will immediately stand out in a pied de poule dog harness from the Pied the Who?! collection from Max & Woof. The mint green harness is stylish and comfortable. The colors of this collection stand out and look great with any coat colour. The harnesses are available in four sizes and adjustable for the perfect fit. In addition, they are comfy and the inside of the harness is made of airy mesh, so that your dog can comfortably release all its energy!


Looking for a mint green houndstooth collar? You've come to the right place with this Max & Woof collection. Every season of the year, your dog will stand out in this beautiful green collection. The collars are available in three sizes. In addition, they are sturdy and adjustable, so that it is comfortable and safe for every dog.


A matching Pied the Who ?! pied de poule dog leash. Go for the complete look and purchase all products from the Pied the Who?! houndstooth collection! By purchasing a set you save no less than 15 euros.

Poop bag holders

An accompanying pied de poule poop bag holder from the Pied the Who?! collection. You can click this on the dog leash so that you don't forget your poop bags during your walk!

Consult our size chart for figuring out the best size of the harness and collar for your dog.